Chapter 01

Introduction to the course


What is my goal? At the end of the year I want you to be more creative, organised and optimistic. Your fresh new marketing skills will give you a new point of view about the digital world. How to achieve that? For that purpose I've built an atypical course to help you discover and practice digital marketing skills. In my opinion there is no such way to learn than by playing. That's why the course is focused around a personal and transversal project. Your Project. The first module is dedicated to finding and defining your Project idea. You will learn how to setup the basics knowledge and information you must have on a project in order to promote it online the right way. In the second and third modules we'll learn how to spread the word effectively on search engines and social media. What am I expecting from you? I want you to take very seriously the first module as it will significantly drive the success of the course. I give you the opportunity to work on a Project that matters to you. Your Project will be your souce of inspiration and motivation throughout this course. At the end of this course you'll know exactly how to imagine, design and deploy a project idea on the web.


Objective 1

Being comfortable discovering and understanding client's needs and expectations.

Objective 2

Being comfortable using digital marketing tools.

Objective 3

Have a clear vision on how to develop a digital presence for a company, a brand or a product.




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