Syllabus of the course

Module 01

Your project

The objective of module 01 is to choose and develop a transversal project. A project on which you’re going to experiment the stuff you’ll learn throughout this course. From Business Canvas Research to Website Copywriting you'll learn how to introduce your project in order to make it attractive to your specific audience.

Module 02

Your project on Search Engines

The objective of module 02 is to learn how to be organically visible on search engines but also learn how to promote your product or service with paid ads. From Keywords Research to Ad Copywriting you'll learn how to make your project stand out on the web.

Module 03

Your project on Social Networks

The objective of module 03 is to learn how to animate your product or service on social networks. Being present on social networks is now essential for companies if they want to create connections online. From Content Marketing Strategies to Ad Copywriting you'll learn how to make your project shine on social networks.

Who made this course?

Hi, welcome on e/learn. My name is Edgar, I’m a Digital Marketer and Designer at Apart Design Studio. Since I arrived in Luxembourg I had the opportunity to give courses for the Media Writing BTS at Lycée Classique de Diekirch. The objective of the course is to teach the stakes of Digital Marketing on Search Engines and Social Networks.