Chapter 04

What is Content Marketing?


Having the content to describe your service / product / offer is good but it’s not enough for you to thrive. Developing a content strategy is essential. Content marketing is a very recent practice on the web. Since a few years we can see more and more content created on the web and some of them are used to drive awareness, interest and value for many businesses. The process of developing a content strategy will help you design a content environment around your product or service to acquire and activate people to complete specific conversion actions. Your content must address the audience’s needs at different levels of awareness to capture as much opportunities as you can. In this course will see what is the logic behind a content strategy and how to apply it concretely in order to build an efficient content environment. Your mission will be to define the topics of interest related to the various levels of awareness of your audience, write the different pieces of content and then connect them together.


Objective 1

Understand what are the benefits of Content Marketing.

Objective 2

Be able to represent and build a content environment.

Objective 3

Practice quality writing and learn how to build a content network that generates conversions.




6 hours