Chapter 02

What are you willing to work on?


Have you ever heard about the Business Model Canvas? A Business Model Canvas forms the basements of every entrepreneurial projects. Whatever you want to build working with this concept will help you identify all the aspects that are essentials to the success of your project. During this course, we'll keep out the profitability aspect of the project so we can focus on what will make your project stands out with your audience. Finding who are the users of your Target Audience as well as what is the best Value Proposition will be the main missions of this chapter. By starting this course with the Business Model Canvas you're going to tackle a lot of marketing concepts that will help you determine how to promote efficiently your project on Search Engines and Social Networks whether you want to convince your Target Audience to buy, use or share your product/service/content. If you work for a client you'll need to have the same level of understanding of his project in order to make things right. In this situation, the Business Model Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas will help you identify the key information you need to know or define before even working on any marketing medium.


Objective 1

Learn how to ideate and find your transversal project idea.

Objective 2

Understand the marketing stakes of a project.

Objective 3

Clearly define what your Product/Service is and who you do that for.




12 hours